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Buckley Steel Board Fence is made of steel, just like the name suggests. Well, what exactly is steel? We have all heard of steel before, but many of us don’t truly understand what it is, or why it is an amazing metal.

In the world of engineering and construction, steel is the most important material used. It is an alloy of iron and carbon and is used in nearly every aspect of our lives. It has numerous advantages over other materials used. Here are 5 reasons it is an incredible material, and why it is used in Buckley Steel Board Fence.

  1. Steel is 100% recyclable. In fact, almost 70% of all steel is recycled in North America. That is more than paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic combined!
  2. Compared to other materials, producing steel requires relatively low amounts of energy to produce, which also reduces emissions and environmental pollution
  3. Steel is fireproof, making Buckley Steel Board Fence fireproof too
  4. Steel is impervious to termites…you guessed it, making Buckley Steel Board Fence impervious to termites too
  5. Steel can resist the equivalent power that comes from an F5 hurricane…again, you guessed it, making Buckley Steel Board Fence hurricane proof too

For a TON more reasons/benefits of steel, please refer to the sources below.



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