Steel Board Fence Installation Instructions

How-To Install Video Playlist for Steel Board Fence

Install videos include:
1) Steel Board Installation
2) Sag-Free Gate & Latch Install
3) Innovative Dual Gate Anchor Systems
4) Lock Spacer Installation
5) Rail Replacement
6) Adjustable Lower Bearing (for Steel Board gates)
7) Rail Reinforcement
8) Choosing a Color
9) Steel Board Gate Install
10) Wire Mesh Clip & Hot-Wire Clip Installation
11) Steel Board vs. Vinyl Horse Fence Strength
12) Truck Unload

Install through the Line (640x427)

Steel Board Fence Installation Documents

Steel Board Fence Installation Layout and Specifications – 3 Rail
Steel Board Fence Installation Layout and Specifications – 4 Rail
Steel Board Fence Written Instructions
Steel Board Gate Installation Instructions
Single Gate Layout
Double Gate Layout
Double Gate Installation Dimensions
Dual Gate Ground Anchors Installation for Steel Board Gates
Steel Board Post Centers
Truck Unloading Tips
Steel Crate End Return Instructions

EZ Latch Installation Documents

Swinging Gate Latch
EZ Latch Installation for Steel Board Fence
EZ Latch Installation for Common Wood Posts

Installation Overview

Your horses spend most of their time at pasture, so it’s important to install your new fence properly.

Make sure to check the permit and code regulations in your area first, and also confirm with your local utility providers that there are no buried electric cables or water lines where your fence is to be built. After that, you’ll be ready to install the posts. Install the posts that will support your gates first.

For our Steel Board Fence, holes must be dug 9” wide and 41” deep. Spacing must be exactly 115.75” from the center of each post to the next. Bend the two post anchor tabs out on the bottom of the post and then tap the post down with a rubber mallet until only 57” remains above ground. Set the post with concrete, confirm your post is level, and top off the hole with dirt. There should be 57” of post visible above the ground.

Allow at least 24 hours for the concrete footings to set before mounting the rails. Our Steel Board Fencing can be set up with three or four rail configurations. Four rails are recommended for enclosing ponies and small horses. Having four rails also discourages large horses from trying to graze through the rails, which can put considerable stress on your fence line.

Our Steel Board Fence rails simply slide into the slots pre-drilled on each post. Mount the post caps and wait at least three days for the concrete to fully set before allowing your horses to enjoy their new pasture.

Please contact Buckley Fence for any additional installation instructions:
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