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Is the Steel Board Fence horse-safe?

Yes, the Steel Board Fence is very safe for horses and livestock because it is easy for the animal to see and the posts and rails have smooth rounded edges.

The rails are approximately 10’ in length and are protected by rubber grommets fitted into the fence posts. The combination of length and the rubber grommets give the rails a flex that upon impact will cushion the animal and spring back to a perfectly straight line. The horse is retained without escape or injury.

Furthermore, there is no splintering or shards possible from cracking or weathering, and there are no screws or nails. The Steel Board Fence is smooth, blunt and flexible and will stay that way under all weather conditions.

Top riders, schools, and parks have trusted Buckley Fence to be safest for their horses and livestock. See our install at the University of Georgia below:

How strong is the Steel Board Fence?

The Steel Board Fence is very strong and durable. The rails and posts are made with cold rolled steel welded tubing that is rolled into shape.

Post strength (at top rail): 1,200 lbs. of horizontal force

Rail strength (at center of rail):
Vertical: 1,200 lbs.
Horizontal: 400 lbs.
Horizontal Reinforced Rail: 700 lbs. (see our rail reinforcement video below)

What are the dimensions of the Steel Board Fence components?

Each rail is approximately 114” or nearly 10’ long, 5 1/8” wide, and 1 3/8” thick.

The posts are rectangular in shape, 5 1/8” wide, 3 ½” deep, and 100” in length. The posts must be set in the ground 43” deep. Installed, the finished height of the fence post is 57” and the height to the top of the top rail is 54” for both the 3 and 4 rail configurations.

The gate posts are 108” in length and must be set in the ground 54” deep for stability. Installed, the gate post and the top rail are at the same height as the fence.

Click the links below to see detailed drawings:
Steel Board Fence Installation Layout and Specifications – 3 Rail
Steel Board Fence Installation Layout and Specifications – 4 Rail

Single Gate Layout
Double Gate Layout
Double Gate Installation Dimensions

How are the Steel Board Fence components shipped?

The fence components are shipped by truck in metal ended crates custom designed to protect the fence components and to reduce waste. The steel crate ends are reusable which reduces clean up time as well as reducing the environmental impact with use of this product. Buckley Fence will arrange and pay for return shipments of the crates after use.

Full rail crates weigh under 1700 pounds should be unloaded with equipment with forks. A full crate is 115” long, 29” wide, and 29” high.

Truck Unloading Tips
Steel Crate End Return Instructions

Can the Steel Board Fence handle extremely cold or hot temperatures?

Yes. It is an all-metal product and each section of the fence is thermally independent of the next.

There is adequate clearance between the rails and the lock spacers inside each post to accommodate the very slight thermal expansion and contraction that occurs unlike welded pipe fence.

The fence components will not turn brittle in the cold or sag in extreme heat like pvc or plastic fences.

In competing welded or hard fastened metal fencing systems, the sections are not thermally independent. Consequently, welded or fastened fences thermal expansion and contraction forces accumulate down the fence line and eventually cause posts to heave, paint to crack and fasteners to loosen.

In vinyl fence systems, the amount of thermal contraction on a cold day can shrink the rails enough to cause them to fall out of the posts, and on a hot day expand enough to take up their clearance and bow wildly.

With the Steel Board Fence, the negative effects of expansion or contraction are eliminated entirely with the thermally independent fence sections and adequate clearance between rails and posts.

Will the Steel Board Fence rust?

The fence system is made of two-sided zinc galvanized steel that is cleaned, primed and has an architectural grade powder coating baked on at the factory. The powder coating adheres exceptionally well due to the primer and is applied uniformly to protect the metal, similar to the body panels of a car.

If the rails or posts are scratched, they will protect themselves with the self-healing effect of the zinc galvanized coating. No water can get under the coating. There are no fasteners to rust or compromise the coating.

In normal environments, the coating and galvanizing will prevent rust for over 20 years. It’s similar to a new car parked for 20 years with no dents, nicks or exposure to road salt.

Is the Steel Board Fence friendly to the environment?


The Steel Board Fence is all metal construction with architectural grade powder coating baked on at the factory. The powder is applied with no emissions as seen with wet paint used on wood. There are no chemicals like those found in treated wood or Phthalates as found in PVC products.

There is no ground contamination concerns as with wood or issues with horses chewing the product during cribbing.

This product is fully recyclable and is produced with the worlds most recycled material, steel.

What happens if a section of the fence is damaged and in need of replacement?

A section of the Steel Board Fence can be removed and replaced in just minutes. It’s simply a matter of removing the post caps and the lock spacers inside the posts so that the rails can be shifted and removed. The replacement rails are then inserted and the lock spacers are put back inside the posts and the post caps are put back on top.

Watch Jim Buckley replace a rail:

How do I get started?

Call us at 877-306-4024 or email us at Sales@BuckleyFence.com to get a quote.

To get an initial quote, we will need to know the ship-to zip code, color, rail count, and layout or footage/gates (can be rough).

Please use our 8 tips below to get the most accurate and fastest quote.

1. Provide a layout or sketch with all fence lines clearly showing the total length of each line.

2. Tell us if the line length includes the gates or if they are in addition to the length shown.

3. Show us where you want the gates. On a corner or against a wall versus in the middle of a fence line often means one less post is required for this gate.

4. Let us know if line lengths can vary a few feet, as we can use that information to make the most use of the materials and the least cuts of rails to also reduce labor cost.

5. We encourage the use of radii versus square corners which are uniquely possible with this system. This reduces material costs, labor costs and improves horse safety and is best for easy raking or planting. Let us know where radii are allowed and we will take it from there. Hard and acute corners are no problem if that is desired.

6. On gates, we have 12’, 8’4 5/8” and 4’ openings available. Gates can be single or dual-leaf. You can mix any size for the duals. Singles can utilize our EZ Latch. Duals can use ground anchors and duals often use our “swing latch” system with an anchor on one side with an EZ Latch mounted to that side which allows the other side to be opened and latched without need to lift the ground anchor pin. Let us know which of these configurations you would like.

7. We need to know if you want 3 or 4 rail and if you want gloss white or textured black for final quotation purposes.

8. We will need your ship-to address and need to know if a standard semi-truck can access this location without special considerations.

Can I install the Steel Board Fence myself?

Yes. The Steel Board Fence is very easy to install.

Once the posts are installed correctly, the rails are inserted and adjusted to fit the terrain. The lock spacers inside each post eliminate the need for screws or nails. The rails are simply locked in place.

Complete installation instructions can be found on the Buckley Fence Installation Page. Feel free to call with any questions and we will walk you through it.

Installation video playlist:

Is there a local fence installer for the Steel Board Fence?

Yes. There are local and regional installers with experience installing the Steel Board fence and we can suggest these contacts to you. Any reputable fence installer can install the Steel Board Fence.

We provide the fence components and simple, detailed installation instructions for the fence and the matching gates and latches.

Installation Page