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Founder & CEO Jim Buckley looks at problems with the fresh eye of an accomplished inventor, bringing unique solutions to market.

This includes bringing disc brakes to mountain bikes, high-energy/precision systems to motorcycle brake discs (bringing style and superior function to Harley-Davidsons et. al.), accurate metering to air flow management systems, and intuitive function to game-camera mounts.

When Jim looked at taking horse fencing to the next level in 2007, he developed the Alumashield fence system, later leading to Buckley Fence, LLC’s Steel Board fence, a paradigm shift for the market.

Steel Board brings traditional horse fence beauty with modern-technology, resulting in low-maintenance, strength, and safety. The easily installed Steel Board fencing will last for several decades while the EZ Latch system allows easy gate control while still on your horse.

As more and more people have discovered our fencing, we are used in many high-end facilities, including UGA’s Veterinary School of Medicine, Lazy Boy’s new world headquarters, as well as beautiful estates and ranches worldwide.

Jim Buckley takes a break from installing lock-spacers.

Buckley Fence, LLC continues to develop solutions that complement and enhance their fencing systems.


Send a copy of your layout to us at sales@buckleyfence.com
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Jim Buckley, Founder & CEO