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Winter is around the corner…are you prepared? If you’ve got Buckley Steel Board Fence, you sure are! No additional maintenance is required for winter.

But what if you still have a wood fence? That’s a different ball game, and you will need to prepare for winter. At Buckley Fence, we believe in providing helpful information to all fence owners, no matter what product they choose. So, here are 5 tips to help prepare your wood fence for winter:

  1. Repair weak spots- including any protruding nails, or decaying posts
  2. Clean off the fence using a stiff-bristled broom- helps remove dirt and debris that can lead to decay
  3. Add waterproofing to your fence- helps prevent moisture from leaking into the wood
  4. Move yard debris away from the base of the fence- debris can trap moisture and cause the wood to decay and rot
  5. Remove any low hanging branches- can damage the fence if they break off due to heavy winds



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