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It does not matter if you are a novice, young, or experienced horseman, you should always make sure you are safe around horses. It is necessary to empower oneself with knowledge to help keep both you and the horse safe when interacting with these magnificent animals.

Here are 10 rules to help keep you and your horse safe:

  1. When approaching a horse, always speak and alert the horse to your presence. This helps to avoid startling the horse.
  2. When leading the horse, always use a lead rope attached to the halter. You do not want to lead the horse with the halter itself.
  3. Novice and younger riders should always be under supervision when riding a horse.
  4. All riders need to wear the proper safety gear, which amongst other items, includes proper footwear and a fitted helmet.
  5. When mounting a horse, avoid mounting in areas with low overhead clearance or overhead obstructions.
  6. Always pay attention and remain calm while in the saddle.
  7. If trail riding, always ride behind the trainer or trail leader until the instructor or a properly trained horsemen deems you are ready to ride on your own or out in front.
  8. When grooming a horse, stand near the horse’s shoulder or hindquarters. Try to avoid standing directly in front or behind of the horse.
  9. When attempting to put a horse in a trailer, never fight or pull ahorse that is reluctant to enter the trailer.
  10. When feeding treats, always feed the horse from the palm of a flattened hand. This helps avoid being accidentally nipped by the horse.

For more information and more safety tips, please refer to the following source:

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