Steel Pipe Fencing vs Steel Board FencingSteel Pipe Fence has been a popular option for horse fencing for a long time. And it makes sense – what could be stronger than steel, right? You want your fence to be made of a material that will securely contain your horses without being concerned about their safety. For many horse owners, a round steel pipe fence would seem to do that job.

Buckley Fence, LLC has designed a steel fence that is a paradigm-shift for horse fencing called Steel Board Fence. It is strong like a steel pipe fence, but features many advantages including being the safest and most beautiful horse fence.

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Steel Pipe Fence alternative: Buckley Steel Board Fence - 4-Rail BlackBuckley Steel Board Fence in 4-Rail Black.

Comparing the typical round Steel Pipe Fence to our Steel Board Fence


  • Steel Pipe Fence: New steel is very expensive and the welding makes it very costly. You can save some money by getting the pipe that comes in from the oilfield, but it takes a lot of time to cut it and weld it together to be used as a fence and at the end of the day you have worn pipe.
  • Steel Board Fence: Upfront costs will normally be lower than a Steel Pipe Fence, and the cost over time will be considerably less, due to less maintenance and replacement.


  • Steel Pipe Fence: Steel Pipe Fence is strong. Since all pieces are welded together, the thermal stresses will cause them to crack and corrode. The stiff welded structure can be dangerous to a spooked horse that collides with the fence.
  • Steel Board Fence: Depending on your needs, the Steel Board strength can be modified, each rail can withstand up to 700 lbs. at the center of the rail and the posts can withstand 1,200 lbs. at the top-rail height. Also, each section is thermally independent and are not subject to cracking or corrosion.


  • Steel Pipe Fence: Rails and posts can rust through and require replacement. Also, they will continue to need repainting, and the paint peels off due to underlying rust.
  • Steel Board Fence: This product is factory powder coated for great adherence.The powder coat finish is durable, water resistant, impact resistant and UV resistant. No painting required, except minor touch-up spray paint. No warped, broken or sagging rails. No rotting posts.

Horse Safety

  • Steel Pipe Fence: Welded Steel Pipe Fence has a thermal contraction issue, in long fence runs the fence line contracts enough that the latch can come out of the gate pins at the gate on the end of the run. The gate opens and you don’t even know it. Additionally, since the fence is strong and does not have break-away rails, a horse can injure itself running into it in a panic.
  • Steel Board Fence: The highly visible posts and rails have smooth, rounded edges and no fasteners or nails. While the steel gives the fence tremendous strength, the long rails and rubber grommets enable the rails to flex and not break. The horse will be cushioned upon impact and not injured. There are no thermal expansion or contraction issues. Each section is independent.

Life Span

  • Steel Pipe Fence: You should expect to replace after about 25 years. This is after multiple individual sections (rails and posts) have been replaced due to rusting through and you would have repainted it many times.
  • Steel Board Fence: Properly treated to resist corrosion, the galvanized powder coated steel will last 25 years and easily more depending on environmental conditions. The grommets are made from the same material as commercial roofs, which are designed to not fade or crack for 50 years or more.

Steel Pipe Fence alternative: Steel Board Fence - 3-Rail WhiteBuckley Steel Board Fence in 4-Rail White.

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