With World Environmental Day (June 5th) just a few days from now, environmental protection should be on everyone’s mind. What are you doing around your farm to help protect the environment?


There’s one easy way that you can help to protect the environment and make your farm eco-friendly: choose to use Buckley Steel Board Fence on your farm. Buckley Steel Board Fence uses only environmentally friendly powder coating. Additionally, it’s made of steel, which is the most recycled product in the world. This means that when it’s time to replace the fencing materials that have worn out (many years from now), you will be able to easily recycle the materials instead of throwing them out. If you opt for another type of fencing, like wood or electrical, the fencing materials cannot be easily recycled, and will probably end up in a landfill.

But the fencing materials aside, think about the other resources that the type of fencing you choose will require. Wood fencing needs frequent maintenance. Boards that are rotten, chewed, or broken will need to be repaired, which means that you will need to use additional wood. You must also regularly paint the fence to help keep it attractive – another maintenance requirement that is costly in both supplies and time.

Electrical fence consumes electricity to keep it functional. If you live in a cold climate you may find that plastic fence couplings become brittle and break during the winter. Additionally, you have to frequently check and tighten electrical fence as it wears. Not doing so could result in a downed fence and a loose horse.

3 Rail Horse FencingWith Buckley Steel Board Fence you can avoid the unnecessary maintenance that is common with other types of horse fencing. Durable and built to last, the protective powder coating on the fencing will not chip, peel, or crack, so maintenance painting is unnecessary. Additionally, the fencing is designed to slightly expand and contract, eliminating the possibility that the fence will sag or warp with time or fluctuating temperatures.

Each panel of Buckley Steel Board Fence is designed so that it will flex if impacted, then return to its normal position. In the event of a panicked horse and significant impact, the fence panel will give way, keeping your horse safe. This function means that your horse will not tear down or destroy long lengths of fencing, such as the case would be with wooden or vinyl fencing. If your horse does pop out a panel, Buckley Steel Board Fence panels can be easily installed, so that you go through less product and less time.

By using Buckley Steel Board Fence, you will be minimizing waste and making your farm environmentally friendly. For additional ways to help protect the environment on your farm, take a look at our previous blog post.
Original Source: https://www.buckleyfence.com/eco-friendly/choosing-buckley-fence-means-youre-choosing-protect-environment/