As riders and horse owners, we spend more time outside in nature than most. During this age of technology and development, keeping our planet green and protected is more important than ever. We’ve come up with some tips for you to help you keep environmental safety in mind when planning and building your dream farm.

solar_panelsChoose Materials Wisely

From the construction of your barn to the fence gates that you choose, the materials you use to build your farm have a direct influence on the environment. Choose materials that are eco-friendly, and use recycled materials whenever possible. Keep toxicity in mind; you do not want to use paints or other materials which would be toxic to the plants and animals around your farm.

Give special consideration to using materials that you can recycle. Eventually, in many years to come, some of the materials at your farm will wear out and need to be replaced. Will you be able to recycle them at that time, or will they need to be thrown away? Buckley Fence LLC’s Steel Board Fence System uses only environmentally friendly powder coating, and the world’s most recycled product – steel – is its main ingredient.

Go Natural

Whenever possible, make use of the natural supplies available to you. Sunlight can now be harnessed through the use of solar panels, and in turn can be used to help power your farm. A barn’s large roof may make the optimum location to install solar panels and can help to make your farm eco-friendly.

If you live in an area that receives a good amount of rain annually, consider making use of it. Set up downspouts and rain buckets to collect the rainwater. You can then use the water to fill your horse’s water buckets or stock tanks. Just be sure to check your local laws before collecting rainwater to make sure that the practice is permissible in your area.

Minimize Waste

Every barn has plenty of horse manure – what do you plan to do with it on your farm? Manure can be composted into high quality soil. As you’re building your dream farm, now is the perfect time to create a manure composting and management system. Doing so will allow you to put used manure and bedding to good use, and local farmers can also benefit from it.

Preserving and protecting our earth should be top-priority for everyone. As you build your dream farm, there are many ways to ensure that it will be eco-friendly and safe.


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