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Did you grow up in a horsey family? Maybe you went to the races with a grandparent, or maybe one of your parents taught you to ride. Even if your family doesn’t share your horse-loving gene, horses and horse sports are still something that your entire family can share and enjoy together. In honor of Grandparents Day, let’s take a look at how families can enjoy horses together.

Young child learning to ride a horseGuided Trail Rides

No matter how experienced your family is in horseback riding, guided trail rides provide an opportunity for everyone to enjoy riding. Guided trail rides may be available in your own town, or you may prefer something more exotic, like a trail ride across a foreign land during a vacation. Whatever trail ride you choose, look for a facility that sports healthy horses and well-maintained tack, with safety being a priority. Make sure that a trail ride facility has horses suitable for all of your family members, then hit the trails and enjoy.

Family Instruction

If some of your family members are experienced horse people, they can teach other family members about riding. Teaching another family member about your passion is rewarding and can build a strong bond between all of you. Parents and grandparents who are experienced riders often teach younger generations how to ride, but the instruction can always go the other way. Do you have a parent who would like to learn how to ride? Find a suitable lesson horse and get started in teaching them.

Family Support

Even if family members don’t desire to learn to ride, they can still share in your love of horses. Watching your riding lessons or attending your horse shows is a great way that even non-horsey family members can show their support. If your family members will be spending time around the barn, remember to teach them some basic horse safety rules, like the importance of not running and that they need to always close pasture gates behind them.

Equine Sporting Events

Looking for a way to enjoy horses with your family with a little less direct equine involvement? Make plans to attend an equine sporting event. Events like horse races or polo matches are a great way to bring your family members together around horses. You might also consider gymkhana events, showjumping competitions, or even eventing competitions for a little added excitement.

There are countless ways to enjoy horses with your family. Do you have any family traditions surrounding horses? If not, now is the perfect time to start.

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