A pony is a dream for many children – but how do you know if your daughter is really ready for one? If buying your daughter a pony is a possibility, here are some things to think about before taking the plunge into pony ownership.


Why Does She Want One?


The first question to ask is just why your daughter wants a pony. If she’s truly interested in learning to ride, then this may the start of a lifelong journey for her. But if she wants a pony on a whim, then her interest might not last and you might be left with an extra pony on your hands.


Does She Have Riding Experience?


While you may be able to teach your daughter to ride yourself, there is no guarantee that she will enjoy riding if she’s never before had lessons. Are you willing to buy her a pony on the chance that she might like riding? If not, it might be a better idea to have your daughter take riding lessons at a facility to test out how much she enjoys riding before you make the decision to purchase a pony.


Who Will Care for the Pony?


Any horseperson knows that horses are a monumental amount of work. Bringing another pony home to your barn will increase the work load, and the amount of time you have to spend caring for the horses. Is your daughter old enough to help with the chores, and does she understand the long-term responsibility that owning a pony will mean? Try to have her help you with the barn chores on a daily basis before agreeing to get her a pony – doing so can help her understand how much work is involved with horse ownership.


Do You Think She Is Ready?


Thinking back on your first pony may make you eager to get your daughter one of her own, but you’re the one who knows your daughter best of all, so make the ultimate decision based on whether you think she’s ready for a pony of her own. You will have the best sense of your daughter’s maturity level and whether her love of horses might be long-term or a passing phase. A pony can make a wonderful addition to your daughter’s life as long as it is well thought-out and planned.


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