WEB GALLERY Lys Final LR Round-5762An equestrian barn is not an everyday purchase. The structure you will use to house and protect your horses will become a very visible and functional part of your equine estate. With that in mind, you will want to look at your options very carefully and select the equestrian barn that is best suited for your ranch or country estate. This is usually determined by how many horses you have, your budget, and how much land you have available.

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Have you decided to hire a contractor to build a barn for you? That is definitely one way to go. Another option is a pre-fabricated equestrian barn. Pre-fab means that the manufacturer has produced all of the individual pieces of the barn, and they are shipped to you for assembly. This assures that every board is already perfectly cut and all the pieces are there – no repeated trips to the lumber yard or hardware store.

Pre-fab barns are usually less expensive than one that is traditionally built, and they are also generally non-flammable. That’s just some added reassurance, since horse safety is a primary concern when choosing an equestrian barn.

There are certain questions you need to keep in mind when barn-shopping:

  • What is the barn made of?
    Just about any barn you find will use wood as the primary construction material. One thing to remember is that horses love to chew on wood, particularly if it is untreated. For that reason, and also to prevent the wood from accumulating moisture and rotting, the wood must be pressure treated. This will ensure that your equestrian barn lasts a long, long time.
  • How big a barn do you need?
    This is really answered with another question: how many horses do you plan on keeping in the barn? It is better to overestimate, because you may want to have more horses in the future and you will need a place to put them. Each horse will need a stall, and the standard size is 12 feet by 12 feet.
  • How well-ventilated and well-insulated is this equestrian barn?
    Obviously, you want your horses to be comfortable. In the summer, a barn can become a pretty warm place. Fans can help, but good ventilation is a must. If you are in an area that gets cold in the winter, it is important that the barn also be properly insulated in order to keep the air as warm as possible.
  • How much space is there for storage?
    Horses are not the only things that will be in your barn. There will be tack, bags of feed and any other horse-related items that tend to accumulate. They all need to be stored somewhere, and the equestrian barn is the natural choice if there is enough room. You might want to plan on dedicating one (or two) of the stalls just for this purpose.
  • How solidly is it built?
    This is very important. You want this barn to be standing and in good repair for many years, and one that is built flimsily will not stand that test of time. Don’t skimp on quality and sturdiness.

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