New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and it seems like everyone is coming up with resolutions for 2014. You may have your own resolutions already planned out, but have you ever thought about what your horse’s New Year’s resolutions might be? We have a few ideas!


Flying Lead Changes


My rider always asks for these flying lead changes in the center of the ring, or between fences. I resolve to reward her with one – maybe two – on occasion. (Maybe they won’t be where and when she wants them, but I will finally let her have a flying change.)




Although it’s tradition for me to raise my head up in my best giraffe impersonation for bridling, my rider doesn’t seem to appreciate this anymore. Funny, I thought holidays were all about traditions. Nevertheless, I resolve to lower my head for bridling in the next year. Not every time (stretching before a ride is good for my rider), but still, I will give it a try.




Along with my bridling resolution, my rider would appreciate it if I stopped blowing myself up like a puffer fish when she goes to do up my girth. Again, this is tradition, but I suppose I can let this one go a bit. I resolve not to take SUCH a deep breath from now on.


Braid Rubbing


There is no describing the utter frustration my rider displays when, the morning of a show, she comes in to find that I have rubbed out the braids that she spent hours meticulously creating near midnight the night before. They were just SO itchy. I couldn’t help it. So, I resolve to not scratch my braids…much.




When it is time to load up before a competition, I resolve to walk onto the trailer like the big calm horse my rider wants me to be. I will not snort and shake and lock all of my legs and refuse to budge, despite the fact that I’ve been on the trailer 100 times before and not once has it hurt me. This might be my hardest resolution yet, and I can’t promise anything, but I will try to be brave and get on the trailer right away so we’re not hours late for every event.


Throwing Shoes


My rider hates it when I race around in my paddock and throw a shoe – or even worse, if I only manage to take it halfway off. I don’t like throwing shoes either; my feet hurt, but I get so excited when it’s windy and my turnout mates start running that I just can’t help it. I resolve that, even when I’m excited, I will try to remember that I have four feet and that I need to be careful to not pull off my own shoes.


What do you think – would your horse have those same resolutions? How will your resolutions improve your riding and horse care in 2014?


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