Vinyl Horse Fence

Vinyl Horse Fence

Replace any vinyl horse fence with a steel board horse fence from Buckley Fence and experience the lifetime benefits that come from owning a superior product. Our horse fencing is made from the finest quality steel and manufactured to look like real wood- with none of the drawbacks that come from wood fencing.

Why Steel Board Fence is Better Than Vinyl

Our product is stronger than traditional vinyl horse fence and is every bit as visually appealing as conventional wood fencing. Our fencing is double-sided zinc galvanized and high-grade powder coated to deliver lifetime expectancy. Best of all, maintenance costs of owning our fence over your lifetime are virtually none. Our proprietary powder coat will never peel, crack, or chip and is long-term resistant to chalking, fading, and rusting- and unlike vinyl, our steel rails will not warp over time.

Steel Board Fence Designed For Easy Installation

You’re going to love how easy it is to install our steel fencing. Posts are pre-punched with openings fitted with rubber grommets to accept the steel boards and protect their surface during fitting. Lock spacers conveniently eliminate the need for rail nails or screws. Simply insert rails and lock into place. Our easy-to-follow Youtube installation video will help you every step of the way.

Steel Fencing is Stronger than a Vinyl Horse Fence

Both rails and posts are manufactured from cold rolled steel welded tubing, industrially turned into shape. Top rail post strength will handle 1,200 lbs of horizontal force. See a complete list of specifications in our FAQ section or call Buckley Fence for additional information.

Won’t Steel Fencing Rust?

Our steel fencing has been protected with double-sided galvanized zinc and powder coating baked on to provide exceptional rust protection for 20+ years. If rails or posts happen to get scratched or compromised, the undercoat of zinc has a self-healing property that ensures water cannot get to the steel. If severe damage occurs to rails or posts, they can easily be replaced in a few minutes by removing the post cap and lock spacers. Just insert one or more replacement rails and replace the lock spacers.

Self-Installed Steel Board Fencing

We receive a lot of phone calls and emails asking whether our product can be self-installed and we love to repeat a resounding ‘yes’ to this question. Our Installation Page and accompanying resources make for quick and easy installation- and our experts are just a phone call away if you should need a professional to walk you through any or all of the steps.

Installation Options

If you prefer the assistance of an experienced steel board fence installer, we can make a recommendation for a contact near you. Browse our website’s resources for additional information on our steel fencing, the installation process, the product’s warranty, and more. Email Buckley Fence with your questions or call a product specialist with your questions- we’d love the opportunity to tell you more about our products.

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