Rail fencing is often short for split rail fencing or post and rail fencing, and is typically made of untreated wood or split rails. Rail fencing was used originally by farmers in the 19th century because it was very easy to construct without having to use nails and screws and it worked well in defining boundaries. Rail fencing was very appealing as well because its rustic appearance fit well in the natural landscape. As a barrier for horses or livestock however, rail fencing is not very effective.

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Rail fencing does not perform well as a barrier for horses because it is typically constructed of untreated wood with posts pounded into the ground instead of set in cement. Within a short period of time, the rail fencing begins to deteriorate as an effective barrier for the following reasons:

  • Untreated wood will quickly weaken from weathering. The posts will heave from freezing and thawing and the rails will crack and warp from sun, wind and moisture.
  • Posts not anchored in cement will heave from the weight of the rails and will leave the fence unstable and unsightly.
  • Wood is very palatable to horses and will sustain considerable damage from horses cribbing and chewing on the fence.
  • Wood rails can break, especially after continued exposure to weathering and chewing and cribbing. Escape by the horse is inevitable and splinters from broken rails can cause considerable injury to horses.
  • The maintenance required and the cost to keep rail fencing in good condition and effective as a horse barrier can be significant. Damaged rails must be replaced often and heaved posts pounded into the ground again to keep straight.

Consider our rail fencing option, Steel Board Fence. It is made of steel instead of wood and eliminates all the problems associated with wood rail fencing. Our Steel Board Fence is an excellent alternative for the following reasons:

  • Strength. Steel is much stronger than wood. The rails will not break if the horse runs into them. The posts are set in cement and cannot be pushed over by the horse. The fence components are treated with a galvanized, powder coated finish that will withstand any weather conditions. Steel is not palatable to horses and will not suffer damage from cribbing or chewing by the horse.
  • Maintenance Free. The powder coated finish is tough and will not peel or crack and has superior resistance to rust or color fading. No regular painting required. The rails will not warp or sag and require replacement.
  • Easy to Install. There are no nails or screws. The rails fit into predrilled openings in the post and are locked in place by patented lock spacers inside the posts.
  • Nice Looking. The rails are long and perfectly straight and this gives the fence an elegant, traditional appearance. The fence is an impressive combination of strength and beauty and will enhance the value of your property.
  • Safe for Horses. Your horse will not be able to break through the rails. There will be no risk of escape or getting injured from splinters. The Steel Board Fence works exceedingly well to keep your horse safely contained.

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