Welcome to Buckley Fence, LLC‘s brand-new blog series! Twice a week we’ll offer blog posts on topics helpful for and interesting to horse owners and riders. We’re planning to cover a wide range of topics here, including (but in no way limited to) riding and training tips and advice, articles and information on horse health and care, tips and tricks for the show ring, and equine news and information of interest.

We’ll also be posting regular entries about barn and stable maintenance, and our own area of expertise – equine fencing. Purchasing a new farm or building your dream farm is an exciting adventure, and we’re happy to accompany you on it by providing top-quality fencing solutions which will last for decades.

Buckley Fence, LLC was founded in 2007. Jim Buckley, Buckley Fence’s founder, developed and tested horse fencing to combine strength and durability, while also being attractive and easy to install. In 2008 we introduced our steel board fence which is the product of Jim Buckley’s efforts. A post-and-rail board fencing system, our steel board fence offers the more traditional horse fence appearance and is available in a rich textured black or gloss white finish so as to fit in with your desired farm style and appearance. The boards are made of galvanized steel with an architectural grade powder coating to prevent rusting. If one were to learn more about powder coating, they’d know that carrying out the powder coating process would protect the steel for decades. The steel board fence can be internally reinforced with steel bars to give it strength but also the ability to absorb impact and bounce back to a straight line, ensuring your horse’s safety and preventing escapees.

Our steel board fencing is paired with steel board gates, available in multiple sizes to suit your needs. These gates create a continuous line when paired with the fence, making for an attractive finish. Our EZ latch gate latch is concise, safe, and a horse-proof latch available to finish off your paddocks. Preventing even the most curious of equine noses from gaining escape, the EZ latch ensures your horse’s safety, but does so while allowing human hands to still easily open and close the gate. The gate can even be easily opened and closed from horseback, making it a convenient gate for riding rings and arenas.

As we progress with our blog we will provide you with information and advice we’ve learned through our experience in the equine fence industry. If you have questions about your own particular fencing needs, we welcome you to visit our website and to give us a call at 877-306-4024. We’d be happy to discuss your fencing needs, answer your questions, and provide you with more information on our products and how we could help you.

Are we missing topics that you’d like to have covered? Let us know, and we will do our best to include them. Thanks for reading our blog – we look forward to having you along for the ride.