Buckley Fence, LLC Installation at the Grafton Horse Park

Buckley Fence, LLC has just completed an international installation at the brand-new Grafton Horse Park in Langley, British Columbia. This is the second installation in Langley for Buckley Fence, LLC; four separate installations have also been completed in Alberta.   … Read more

Unique Buckley Fence, LLC Project in Panama

Buckley Fence, LLC has some exciting news: As of July of 2013, we have shipped the materials for our first project in Panama! This marks our first shipment outside of the United States and Canada, and is the start of … Read more

Regulations Protecting Movie Horses

We’ve all seen the messages that pop up before movies, stating that no animal was hurt in the creation of the film. But have you ever wondered just how film sets keep the equine actors safe during filming? Luckily for … Read more

Welcome to Buckley Fence, LLC’s

Welcome to Buckley Fence, LLC‘s brand-new blog series! Twice a week we’ll offer blog posts on topics helpful for and interesting to horse owners and riders. We’re planning to cover a wide range of topics here, including (but in no … Read more