Buckley Fence, LLC is pleased to announce that our products will be included in the new school of veterinary medicine complex at the University of Georgia at Athens. The complex is scheduled to be constructed during the spring and summer of 2014.


Maxine Coleman, an architect at Perkins and Will in Atlanta, first contacted Buckley Fence, LLC to learn more about our products. Maxine spoke repeatedly with Jim Buckley, founder and majority owner of Buckley Fence, LLC. Maxine liked the quality appearance of the 4-Rail Black Buckley Steel Board Fence, and the fence’s durability and low maintenance needs made it highly appealing for the project.


The veterinary medicine complex is a large project, involving the construction of many buildings along with roadwork and pedestrian walkways. Its extensive fencing needs will make use of over 50 Buckley Fence, LLC gates in various sizes, some of which will be specially designed for the project, along with nearly 3,800 feet of 4-Rail Black Buckley Steel Board Fence. Additionally, the project will use Buckley Fence EZ Latches and Buckley Fence Ground Anchors for the gates.


The fact that Buckley Fence, LLC is able to accommodate special sizes for products came into play with this installation, as the complex will need specific gate sizes that are not standard. Typically, gates come in standard 4-, 8- and 12-foot sizes. Buckley Fence, LLC is able to create special 10-foot and 13-foot gates specifically for this project to accommodate its needs.


In purchasing Buckley Fence, LLC products, Maxine Coleman has ensured that the equine facilities of the veterinary medicine complex will be safe, durable and of the highest quality. Buckley Steel Board Fence is made of steel that is zinc-galvanized and powder-coated with architectural-grade powder to provide the ultimate in rust protection. The Steel Board Fence features no nails, screws, or other protrusions on which horses could catch and injure themselves. Its strong rails flex on impact to cushion the horse, providing a safe and reliable barrier.


Similarly, the steel board gates feature steel finished with an architectural-grade powder coat to ensure durability and minimal upkeep. Due to their unique design which allows the gates to fit over the gate posts and engage two internal polymer bearings, these gates operate smoothly, effortlessly and quietly. The internal bearings eliminate the need for traditional hinges, which are not only unsightly and a source of gate sag, but can be dangerous pinch points for horses. The Buckley Fence, LLC internal bearing design overcomes all of these issues while also providing the ability to final adjust the gate level with a simple rotary positioning of the lower bearing. This is unique to the Buckley Fence, LLC gate design.


Construction on this exciting project will begin in 2014. Currently, the bidding is out for installers for the fence and gates. Buckley Fence, LLC looks forward to seeing our products in place in the finished veterinary medical complex. This marks Buckley Fence, LLC’s first installation in Athens, and the third in Georgia.
Original Source: https://www.buckleyfence.com/news-events/installation-at-university-of-georgia-at-athens/