Steel board fence

Buckley Fence has designed the perfect fence system for the horse, ranch, farm or home. The Steel Board Fence is the fi rst classically designed post and rail panel fence made of steel that is designed to last de- cades with very little maintenance. Offered in a richly textured black fi nish and glossy white and in 3 or 4 rail confi gurations, the fence exudes strength and beauty with elegant 10 foot rails and matching gates and latches. Galvanized on both the inside and exterior of each rail and post and powder coated with architectural grade powder coating in combination with a zinc phos- phate conversion coating, the fence compo- nents’ resistance to rust and color retention are superior. The fence posts are fi tted with unique patented rubber grommets and lock spacers. The rubber grommets protect the rail’s surface from scratching, add fl ex and allow the rails to be easily articulated within each post to fi t any terrain or layout. The patented lock spacers in each post lock the rails in place and eliminate the need for nails or screws. “These unique features not only simplify installation, they make the fence remarkably safe for horses or livestock,” says Jim Buckley, the owner and inventor. “The rubber grom- mets enable the rails to fl ex upon impact and will safely and securely contain the animal, while the absence of nails or screws ensures a smooth surface at all times.” Unlike wood and vinyl, the Steel Board Fence will never warp, sag, splinter or mold. It will retain its color, crisp straight lines and well-maintained appearance for de- cades. The matching Steel Board Gate comes equipped with a unique patented leveling system built right into the polymer bearing system in the gate posts to ensure a perfectly level gate. The gate comes in four different sizes—4, 6, 8 and 12 feet, and in 3 or 4 rail versions. The matching latch, EZLatch, is made of corro- sion resistant aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Its two way operation is horse tamper proof. Both the gate and latch can be used with any existing fence.