Sometimes, though you may try to avoid it, you probably have to ride alone. Carrying a cell phone is a reassurance, but will only help you in the event of an accident if you are conscious and therefore able to use it. Calling or texting a friend to let them know when you’re mounting up and where you’ll be riding can also help, but it’s an inconvenience and in the worst circumstances there can be a time delay between an accident and when your friend realizes something has gone wrong and brings help.

But a new product has the potential to change all of that. The ICEdot is a revolutionary emergency notification and identification system intended for use by athletes, and ideal for equestrians. In the event of a fall, the ICEdot has the capability to alert your emergency contacts, bringing help to you when you’re unable to call for it yourself.

Here’s how it works. The ICEdot pairs a Crash Sensor with the power of a smartphone application. When attached to your helmet, the Crash Sensor can sense when you have undergone a critical impact. At that point your cell phone (which you need to carry with you when you ride) begins an emergency countdown. If you are conscious and uninjured, you simply need to turn off the countdown before it times out, and the process will stop. But if you’re unconscious or unable to move, then when the countdown reaches zero, the application will send your GPS coordinates to your emergency contacts, alerting them that you have been in a fall and are unresponsive.

For the ICEdot to function correctly, you’ll need to pre-program your emergency contacts into the system, which can be done online. You will also need to be within cell phone reception in order for your phone to reach your emergency contacts with your GPS location. And, of course, you’ll need to be wearing a riding helmet so that you may attach the Crash Sensor to it.

While the ICEdot Crash Sensor system is still very new and in the process of being released, ICEdot has a number of other safety products which can also work for equestrians. They are intended to make emergency situations easier, facilitating emergency contact communication and alerting first responders to any important pre-existing medical conditions.

The ICEdot Crash Sensor is certainly a product to watch, especially if you frequently ride alone. While we all hope that we will never need such an emergency system, it’s good to know that you have one in place – just in case. For more information on the ICEdot products available, visit the website.

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