Returning from Elk Hunt

Tim Jantz is an amazing installer and has installed more Buckley Fence than anyone else. Here he is in Colorado riding back from a successful (filling both permits, with a bull and a cow) Elk hunt with his brother-in-law. Warm … Read more

Horses: A Family Affair

Did you grow up in a horsey family? Maybe you went to the races with a grandparent, or maybe one of your parents taught you to ride. Even if your family doesn’t share your horse-loving gene, horses and horse sports … Read more

Trail Riding Safely During Hunting Season

The fall foliage is beginning to emerge, and trail riding is more beautiful and enjoyable than ever this time of year. But with the fall also comes hunting season, which can bring serious safety issues to your trail rides. While … Read more

Riding on a Schedule

As school starts up and we move into fall, it seems like our schedules get tighter and tighter. Tight schedules mean that you might be cutting your rides short. Here are some great ways to make your ride on a … Read more

Keep Your Horse Healthy Through Riding

Horseback riding provides excellent exercise to both you and your horse. Many horses benefit from regular riding, but it’s important to keep your horse’s physical well being in mind each time you mount up. These tips can help you keep … Read more

Tips for Summer Trail Riding

As summer approaches, you’ll want to be heading out on the trails as much as possible, but sun, heat, and bugs can make trail rides unpleasant. Looking to get the most out of your rides? Here are some things that … Read more

A Rider’s Graduation to Jumping

It’s graduation season, and change is everywhere. Do you remember the first time you graduated to jumping your horse? Hopefully the first jump you faced was a small crossrail and was done intentionally, but some riders have other stories. Whether … Read more

Tribute to the Barn Moms

This is for you, Mom, for all that you do for your horse-loving daughter. This is to say thank you for how you never told your daughter she’d “grow out of it” when she came to you at six years … Read more

The American Quarter Horse

Among the many breeds of horses today, few are as versatile and popular as the American Quarter Horse. Excelling in racing, rodeo competitions, and even in the English show ring, the Quarter Horse demonstrates its true versatility and athleticism in … Read more

Olympic Fever

The Winter Olympics are underway, which reminds us that the 2016 Summer Olympics are quickly approaching, and there is talk about who will be named to each of the national Olympic equestrian teams this year. Have you ever wondered about … Read more