Keeping Your Horse Safe on the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July will bring with it celebrations, barbeques, and fireworks. But horses and fireworks do not go well together, and panicked horses are at the risk for serious injury. If you suspect that there will be fireworks near … Read more

Horseback Ride for Better Blood Pressure

How many times have you sought out your horse for relaxation and stress reduction? Horses are great therapists, and they provide riders with many health benefits, too. Since May is National Blood Pressure Month, we thought you’d like to hear … Read more

The Air Vest: A New Safety Option

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The Importance of Good Nutrition

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Healthy As A Horse

As horse owners our horses’ health is always a top priority, but this month it’s extra important – February is American Heart Month. While American Heart Month is intended to remind people about the importance of good health for your … Read more

Caring for Your Horse at Christmas

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and you’re probably busy with shopping, wrapping and planning. As you prepare for your holiday festivities, are you making sure that your horse is getting proper care and enough attention?   Make Time for Your Horse   Even … Read more

Thanksgiving From Your Horse’s Point of View

On Thanksgiving, many equestrians are giving thanks for their wonderful horses, trainers, veterinarians, farriers, and everyone else who makes our involvement in the equine world possible. But have you ever wondered what your horse gives thanks for? Here’s our stab … Read more

Selecting the Right Stud for Your Mare

Breeding your mare can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but selecting the right stud can be an overwhelming and confusing decision. Many factors go into choosing a proper stud for your mare; let’s look at a few things to … Read more

Changing Your Horse’s Schedule

You will quickly know if you’re ever behind schedule at feeding time; a chorus of whinnies, nickers, and even the occasional kick will greet you as you enter the barn. Horses thrive on (and depend on) schedules. But often our … Read more

To Blanket Or Not To Blanket?

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping. Winter’s approach means that many horse owners are digging out their horses’ blankets – but are blankets a necessity? Depending on your situation, your horse may well be able to … Read more