Buckley Fence at UGA College of Veterinary Medicine

Buckley Fence founder Jim Buckley was briefly at a new install of our 4-rail black Steel Board at the new UGA College of Veterinary Medicine. Installed by Athens Fence. Jim shot the impromptu photos and video on his phone, but … Read more

Tips for Adding Fencing to Your Already Functioning Farm

Adding horse fencing to a farm or facility that’s already up and running presents a unique set of challenges. You don’t want to lose the functionality of your facility, and you’ll want to keep your horses safe while the new … Read more

Fencing Your Property for Functionality

Caring for horses takes a lot of hard work and time, but the way that your fence your property can actually reduce your workload and save you time. If you’re planning the layout of your horse property, or if you’ll … Read more

Temporary Fencing for Overnight Trail Rides

Taking your horse camping or for an overnight trail ride can be a great experience, but securing him overnight is a challenge that you will need to plan for ahead of time. There are a few different ways to secure … Read more

Good Fencing Means Good Neighbors

The saying that good fencing makes good neighbors holds particularly true when horses are involved. Loose horses bring with them trouble for everyone involved, but did you know that there’s more than your horse’s safety at stake when it comes … Read more

Design Your Fence to Suit the Needs of Your Property

When it comes to installing fencing on your ranch, careful planning can make all the difference. Fencing is a very permanent and visual aspect of your property, and it’s one that you and your visitors will see on a daily … Read more

Planning a Wedding? A Barn Might Be the Perfect Setting

Wedding season is upon us. Does the charm of a white wedding dress, cowboy boots, and a barn with open fields entrance you? If you want to get a little country with your wedding, a barn might be the perfect … Read more

Tips for Horse Fencing Installation

When it comes to installing fencing on your horse property, good planning is a must. The last thing that you want to do is to have your fencing installed and then think of changes you should have made. Here are … Read more

Studs, Geldings, and Mares, OH MY!

Keeping studs, geldings, and mares on the same farm presents a unique challenge, but it can be done safely with careful thought and planning. Breeding season stirs things up with this unique mix of horses, but Buckley Fence, LLC has … Read more

Dealing With Muddy Pastures

Mud is not just inconvenient for horses and owners – it’s unhealthy, and even dangerous. Mud harbors bacteria and can lead to equine health conditions such as scratches. Mud can cause horses to strain or tear ligaments and tendons, and … Read more