Horse Fences

Horse Fences

Fencing is an important part of every ranch and farm. Ideally, you need to choose fencing that will properly contain your livestock, have a nice appearance and require little maintenance. Traditional horse fences are made of wood and although they look nice when new, they need quite a bit of maintenance to keep them looking good and functioning properly. The answer is to use steel board horse fencing.

What is Steel Board Horse Fencing?

Steel board horse fences have the beautiful appearance of wood and the durability of metal. They use a unique design and is the only post and rail board fence made of steel. While it looks like wood, it has the durability and strength of steel making it ideal as a replacement for old, worn or broken fences.

Steel boards and posts are specially designed to protect horses. If a horse runs into the fence it will gently give and then snap back in place without damage. In the event of a stampede, the fence is made to give at pressure points and will not splinter or hurt horses.

Steel horse fences are galvanized steel with zinc coating so they are as beautiful as they are durable. They are available in a wide range of sizes and colors so you can design the fence that best suits your needs. Best of all, steel fences are virtually maintenance-free and will last for many years. When their useful life is finally over, the materials are recyclable.

Features of Steel Board Fences

Steel board horse fences are ideal for most installations. The design includes rectangular fence posts that are pre-punched to fit the rails. Special grommets are utilized to protect the rails and to allow installation on almost any type of terrain. The exclusive design does not use any nails or screws and the surfaces are all smooth so that there is no danger of harm to the horses, even if they run into the fence. Unlike welded materials, if a horse hits into the fence he is cushioned and protected from harm.

Steel fences do not require maintenance and will always keep their original, beautiful appearance. The fencing is not subject to warping or sagging that typically happens with wood or vinyl fences. Regardless of the temperature or weather conditions, steel fences continue to look good and do the job.

Steel fences are easy to install. You can view our easy installation video online to see how the installation of steel fences works. Steel fences can immediately improve the look of your property and will increase its value. You won’t need to replace the fence for many years.

Steel fences can be attached to other types of fencing materials when necessary. We provide materials that allow you to attach the fence properly and securely. You can combine steel fences with steel board gates to provide access to areas of the property. We offer a selection of gates that blend nicely with our steel board fences. Contact us today to learn more about our ingenious steel fencing products.

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