Horse Fence

Horse Fence

Horse fence

Keeping some animals such as horses can be fun considering the benefits you will enjoy. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your horses are safe by installing the right fence around the ranch. There are many types of horse fences on the market from different manufacturers. Thus, you need to be very careful when choosing the right one to install. As usual, every manufacturer claims to be the best which sometimes confuses many customers. Once you start keeping horses, you will have no choice but to look for the best horse fencing. You can’t allow your horses to move all over your ranch without a plan; it’s not safe for them and you as well. At Buckley Fence, we have the best horse fences that will serve you for a very long time and will not cause any harm to your horses. We understand that horses sometimes try to push the fence in an attempt to move out of the ranch. Our fences are manufactured using modern designs and technology to ensure the horses are safe.

So, how do you choose the right horse fence?
The fact that you need to keep your horses on one side of your ranch, doesn’t mean that you should buy any horse fence you come across on the market. Don’t be in a hurry since you might end up purchasing a poor quality fence that will force you to install another one soon. Remember, you should avoid double cost at all times and prioritize the safety of your horses. Take into account that, there is a possibility of some animals from outside coming to injure your horses when choosing the fence. The following tips will help you get the right fence from our company;

First, do proper research
The mistake that many customers make is to evaluate products once on the market. Take your time, get into our website and look for various types of fences and read testimonials to know how other product users are feeling after installing our fences. Look at the pictures, to understand how the rails will look like after the installation. Beauty is also essential for the horse fence; we have appropriately designed fences that will bring the theme or aesthetic value you desire.

Consult widely
You might have two or more friends who keep horses; those are the best sources of information about the horse fences. Ask them any question or let them advise you accordingly on how to choose the right horse fence. Alternatively, contact us today, and our support team will help you select the best horse fence. Our team is always ready to take you through different types of fences that you can install. Make sure you raise all your concerns with our team.

Come up with your budget
How much are you willing to spend on your horse fence? Include both the buying and installation cost when setting up the budget. Horse fences costs vary depending on the manufacturer, materials used and design among other factors. Focus on getting a high-quality fence that will serve you for the longest time possible.

Our reasonable pricing doesn’t compromise the quality of the fences we offer. Give us a call today at 877-306-4024 to make your order or if you have any questions.


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Vinyl Horse Fence

Replace any vinyl horse fence with a steel board horse fence from Buckley Fence and experience the lifetime benefits that come from owning a superior product. Our horse fencing is made from the finest quality steel and manufactured to look like real wood- with none of the drawbacks that come from wood fencing.

Why Steel Board Fence is Better Than Vinyl

Our product is stronger than traditional vinyl horse fence and is every bit as visually appealing as conventional wood fencing. Our fencing is double-sided zinc galvanized and high-grade powder coated to deliver lifetime expectancy. Best of all, maintenance costs of owning our fence over your lifetime are virtually none. Our proprietary powder coat will never peel, crack, or chip and is long-term resistant to chalking, fading, and rusting- and unlike vinyl, our steel rails will not warp over time.

Steel Board Fence Designed For Easy Installation

You’re going to love how easy it is to install our steel fencing. Posts are pre-punched with openings fitted with rubber grommets to accept the steel boards and protect their surface during fitting. Lock spacers conveniently eliminate the need for rail nails or screws. Simply insert rails and lock into place. Our easy-to-follow Youtube installation video will help you every step of the way.

Steel Fencing is Stronger than a Vinyl Horse Fence

Both rails and posts are manufactured from cold rolled steel welded tubing, industrially turned into shape. Top rail post strength will handle 1,200 lbs of horizontal force. See a complete list of specifications in our FAQ section or call Buckley Fence for additional information.

Won’t Steel Fencing Rust?

Our steel fencing has been protected with double-sided galvanized zinc and powder coating baked on to provide exceptional rust protection for 20+ years. If rails or posts happen to get scratched or compromised, the undercoat of zinc has a self-healing property that ensures water cannot get to the steel. If severe damage occurs to rails or posts, they can easily be replaced in a few minutes by removing the post cap and lock spacers. Just insert one or more replacement rails and replace the lock spacers.

Self-Installed Steel Board Fencing

We receive a lot of phone calls and emails asking whether our product can be self-installed and we love to repeat a resounding ‘yes’ to this question. Our Installation Page and accompanying resources make for quick and easy installation- and our experts are just a phone call away if you should need a professional to walk you through any or all of the steps.

Installation Options

If you prefer the assistance of an experienced steel board fence installer, we can make a recommendation for a contact near you. Browse our website’s resources for additional information on our steel fencing, the installation process, the product’s warranty, and more. Email Buckley Fence with your questions or call a product specialist with your questions- we’d love the opportunity to tell you more about our products.

Wood Horse Fence

Wood horse fence

Whether you operate a large-scale horse boarding and training facility or if you have a couple of horses in your backyard, fencing is a necessity. Electric wire fencing is popular among many horse enthusiasts, but wood fencing is a better choice for many. We have quality wood horse fences that are designed by our experienced technicians. Our products are of high quality, and we use the hardest wood to ensure the fences last for a very long time. Make your wood fence order today on our website and enjoy value for your money as well as quality services.

Why go for our wood horse fence?

1. It's Attractive
The horses might not care about the appearance of your property, but other people do. If you keep horses in your backyard, you might be hoping to do so in a way that doesn't negatively impact the curb appeal of your property too much. In case you operate a horse-related business, then maintaining an attractive and professional look is probably very important to you.

2. Our wood fence Doesn't Need Repairs Regularly
Once your fencing is put up, you probably don't want to have to worry about repairs very often. Electric wire fencing can be flimsy, though. Thin wire can break easily. Also, if a tree limb falls on an electric wire fence or if a horse presses its weight against it, the entire cable can fall. If grass or weeds grow and touch the fence, they could cause it to short out.

Of course, wooden fences do need maintenance, too. They need to be cleaned, and occasionally, they may need to be painted or stained. However, on a day-to-day basis, you should not have to worry about the same repair issues or maintenance tasks that you might have to take care of with an electric wire horse fence.

3. Safer for Horses
One of the main points of having fencing put up for your horses is so that you can keep them safe. However, if you aren't careful, the fencing that you install could cause serious injury to your horses.

In case your horse does not see the electric fencing and does not know that it's there, it might run right into the fencing causing severe injury. If the electrical wiring falls, you also have to worry about your horses getting their legs and bodies tangled up in the fencing. This situation might cause a horse to break a leg, fall or otherwise be injured. Wooden fencing, on the other hand, is much safer, so there is much less of a chance of injury.

4. It Works Without Electricity
Our wood horse fence is very useful in protecting your horses even without the need for electricity. You don’t have to worry about blackouts when you install a wood fence unlike the case when using the electric fence. Your work will be made easier, as you only need to do simple maintenance at least once in a while.

There are many benefits that you will enjoy when you install our wood horse fence. Don’t be left out, make your order today and make your horses safer and more comfortable. Look the various wood horse designs on our website to help you make up your mind before giving us a call.

Fence Horses

Fence horses

Horse keeping demands a lot of commitment since they are delicate animals that need special care from feeding, health to their security. Fencing for your horses come in various designs, colors, and sizes not forgetting the materials. You need to make a sound investment to install the right fence to keep your horses safe. You will find various fences on the market, some selling for cheap and others very costly. However, don’t look at the price alone, since some low-quality horse fences are relatively cheap. Going for the most expensive is also not an option. Get the highest-quality horse fence at a reasonable price. We are here to help you get the right fence without digging deeper into your pocket. In case you are stuck, or you have no idea where to start from when installing your fence, just give us a call immediately.

We have a team of experts and certified technicians that help our company manufacture quality fences using the strongest materials available. You can also install the fence by yourself or hire professional fencing contractors. However, going for professional fence installation will be a great idea since you will enjoy many benefits such as warranty, quality installation, and durability among many others. We will help get the right horse fence installer once you purchase our quality fences.

What types of horse fence are there?
There are different kinds of horse fences and before deciding on which one to settle on one must consider several factors such as safety of the fence, the price, cost of maintaining and the general look. Some of the fences we offer include:

Wood and plastic coated wood fences
Traditionally people used wooden fences for horses. Wooden posts split rail and rail were widely used by horse owners. If you choose to use our wooden fences we advise you to paint them black, or white or stained, these ensure that the wood does not dry out and that it looks even more attractive. The wooden fences should be repainted from time to time and since wood tends to rot and it's also important to retain their beauty. In most cases, the damage to the fence is always done by the horses so it is advisable to add an electric wire on top of the rail in order to keep the horses away from the fence.

The plastic coated wood that we offer has the strength of wood and on top of it all the maintenance-free benefits of vinyl. We design the plastic coated wood in a way that it is stronger than all the vinyl materials. The coating contains splintering if the fence breaks and horses do not chew on the plastic. We create these fences and gates similar to wooden ones hence making installation easy. The only kind of maintenance needed for plastic coated wood is washing every now and then.

Electric fences
You can train your horses to avoid the electric shock if they touch an electric fence. Therefore an electric fence serves as both a physical and psychological barrier. Most horse owners prefer the electric fences to prevent injuries related to fences. The electric fences we offer are coated with PVC wire, mesh, and braid.

Contact us today to get the best horse fences at pocket-friendly prices. We make doorstep deliveries within the shortest time possible after making your order.

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