Fence For Horses

Fence For Horses

Whether you are building a new fence or replacing an old existing one, there are many choices and options to consider. Keeping your horses safe and secure is the number one priority. Of course, you also want the fence to look good and last a long time. Steel board is among the best types of fence for horses. It holds up well to all conditions and is the ideal way to protect your horses.

Advantages of Steel Board Fence for Horses

There are many advantages to steel board fence for horses. Steel board is durable and has a beautiful appearance that will last for years. The design is post and rail but the material is strong steel board. The result is a fence that is long-lasting and will maintain its beauty with little maintenance.

Steel board fences have look of traditional wood and post fences but are much stronger and sturdier. There is virtually no maintenance necessary to keep steel board fence for horses looking good and functioning well. Our steel board fences are designed specifically with horse safety in mind.

There are no exposed nails, no rough edges and no screws or fasteners. As a result, it is one of the safest fences for horses that you can purchase. All of the exposed areas have rounded edges and uses steel rods for reinforcement. It is also designed to ensure that horses stay safe even in case of a stampede. The material will buckle under extreme pressure in a way that will not splinter or break which could harm the horses.

Steel board fence for horses is designed for easy installation. It uses pre-punched rounded corners on the posts that have pre-fitted grommets. Rails are inserted and locked into place. The unique installation design system allows for the perfect installation, even in uneven terrain.

How Steel Board Fence is made

Steel board fence is made with zinc galvanized and powder-coated with architectural grade zinc material that provides the ideal base for paint and resists rust. It uses a patent-pending design that can include special reinforcements in the rails to make them even stronger.

The fence will hold up to years of use and will always maintain a beautiful appearance. It won’t sag or warp like wooden fences often do in time. Steel board fences are built to stay in perfect alignment, regardless of the weather conditions. The design of the rails allows them to flex if a horse runs into them. Then, they snap right back into position. This design element protects the horses while ensuring the integrity of the fence.

Steel board fences will add beauty and value to your property. These fences are built to last and will continue to look great for many years. When they do eventually reach the end of their useful life, the materials are recyclable. Fence components are available in a range of sizes so you can design the precise size and look of the fence that meets your needs. You can also choose from a variety of color options.


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