How do I get started?

Call us at 877-306-4024 or email us at to get a quote.

To get an initial quote, we will need to know the ship-to zip code, color, rail count, and layout or footage/gates (can be rough).

Please use our 8 tips below to get the most accurate and fastest quote.

1. Provide a layout or sketch with all fence lines clearly showing the total length of each line.

2. Tell us if the line length includes the gates or if they are in addition to the length shown.

3. Show us where you want the gates. On a corner or against a wall versus in the middle of a fence line often means one less post is required for this gate.

4. Let us know if line lengths can vary a few feet, as we can use that information to make the most use of the materials and the least cuts of rails to also reduce labor cost.

5. We encourage the use of radii versus square corners which are uniquely possible with this system. This reduces material costs, labor costs and improves horse safety and is best for easy raking or planting. Let us know where radii are allowed and we will take it from there. Hard and acute corners are no problem if that is desired.

6. On gates, we have 12’, 8’4 5/8” and 4’ openings available. Gates can be single or dual-leaf. You can mix any size for the duals. Singles can utilize our EZ Latch. Duals can use ground anchors and duals often use our “swing latch” system with an anchor on one side with an EZ Latch mounted to that side which allows the other side to be opened and latched without need to lift the ground anchor pin. Let us know which of these configurations you would like.

7. We need to know if you want 3 or 4 rail and if you want gloss white or textured black for final quotation purposes.

8. We will need your ship-to address and need to know if a standard semi-truck can access this location without special considerations.

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