Can the Steel Board Fence handle extremely cold or hot temperatures?

Yes. It is an all-metal product and each section of the fence is thermally independent of the next.

There is adequate clearance between the rails and the lock spacers inside each post to accommodate the very slight thermal expansion and contraction that occurs unlike welded pipe fence.

The fence components will not turn brittle in the cold or sag in extreme heat like pvc or plastic fences.

In competing welded or hard fastened metal fencing systems, the sections are not thermally independent. Consequently, welded or fastened fences thermal expansion and contraction forces accumulate down the fence line and eventually cause posts to heave, paint to crack and fasteners to loosen.

In vinyl fence systems, the amount of thermal contraction on a cold day can shrink the rails enough to cause them to fall out of the posts, and on a hot day expand enough to take up their clearance and bow wildly.

With the Steel Board Fence, the negative effects of expansion or contraction are eliminated entirely with the thermally independent fence sections and adequate clearance between rails and posts.

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