Equine Fence An equine fence is designed with many purposes in mind, but the primary purpose is to contain your horses. Your herd represents a sizable investment, and a well-functioning fence acts as insurance on that investment. If you are considering putting up a new fence, or replacing your current equine fence, we would love to discuss this with you.


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Your equine fence actually does more than just safely restrict your horses to one area. It also:

  • Keeps your horses from wandering onto the neighbor’s property
  • Allows you to rotate your pastures
  • Keeps wild animals out of the horses’ area
  • Shows where equestrian ranch property lines begin and end
  • Can beautify your property and enhance its value

You have some options when considering what kind of equine fence to install. In fact, the various choices can be a bit confusing at times. However, when you look at the pros and cons of different fencing materials and compare them with our unique fences, you will realize that we have the best products available anywhere. We offer steel board horse fence and an aluminum/steel pipe fence that are simply unsurpassed in functionality and beauty.

Let’s look at a few of the equine fence options you have available, and how they compare with our fencing.

  • Vinyl/PVC
  • Wood
  • Steel Pipe

The big advantage of vinyl is that it is cheap. At least that is the general impression when you see that it costs between 55% and 80% of what our fencing costs installed. However, PVC fencing does not have a long life span. It will generally last less than half the lifetime of a steel board fence. When considering the replacement costs, it is actually more expensive.

One of the prominent disadvantages of PVC/vinyl fencing is its weakness. As you probably know, your horses will “test” your new fence, and will find that this material will break and the fence will come apart fairly easily. Not only does this not contain the horse, but PVC can break into sharp pieces (particularly in the winter when it is cold), and these can severely injure the horse. Veterinary bills can quickly increase the cost of a vinyl fence.

Our steel board fencing does not break or splinter, and it is quite strong. After an initial “push test”, the horse learns quickly that this equine fence is not going to break.

Wood fencing has been the traditional choice for decades. However, they require continued maintenance. If painted, they will need re-painting regularly. Posts rot in the ground and need replacing. Nails come loose, meaning boards come down, meaning your equine fence is compromised until you repair it.

In addition, a horse can kick a wooden fence and break it (sometimes resulting in dangerous sharp pieces of wood). Have you noticed that many wood fences are doubled (a fence inside a fence)? This is because the horse may run through the first one. A fence should be strong enough that you don’t need a second one for backup.

Our equine fence of steel board requires no maintenance; it does not rust or need any painting. More importantly, they are designed to withstand the strength of a horse without breaking.

Steel Pipe
A steel pipe fence – what could be stronger, right? Initially, that is true. However, the sections of this type of fence are typically welded together, and the fence is only as strong as its weakest weld point. The thermal contraction and expansion from temperature changes can actually cause a latch to pull out of the gate pins, which essentially opens the gate for the horse to walk through. Also – steel conducts electricity, which means that lightning can travel the entire length of a steel pipe fence.

Our Steel Board horse fencing is in sections that are thermally independent, so expansion and contraction do not compromise the fence in any way. They are also electrically independent, so lightning only strikes one section.

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We are happy to help you compare the various types of fencing so that you have a fence that meets your needs and is also affordable. Our fences are available throughout North America. Please feel free to contact us!