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You should consider many factors when selecting the type of fencing that you will use on your equine facility. A fence’s cost, appearance, safety, visibility and ease of installation all play into whether that fencing is a viable option for your situation. But there’s one factor that’s often overlooked when people select fencing: the amount of maintenance that a type of fencing will require.

horse_chewing_fenceThe amount of maintenance that horse fencing will require directly affects that fencing’s cost. Though a fence may have a relatively low initial cost, if it requires a high amount of maintenance, you will find yourself devoting a good deal of time to the fencing later on. In some cases you will need supplies to maintain it, such as new paint for wood fencing. All of these factors drive up the overall cost.

Horses that are hard on fencing can also increase the amount of maintenance you will need to perform. If you have a horse who cribs, walks fences or leans heavily on fencing, you will want to consider this behavior when choosing a type of fencing. A cribber or wood chewer will increase the amount of repairs that you need to perform if you use wood fencing. A horse who leans on fencing will not be a good match when paired only with vinyl or wood fencing, as you will likely need to frequently replace displaced panels. In these situations, adding a line of electric fencing can help to deter the horse from wearing so heavily on the fence.

The exact maintenance required depends on the type of fencing you choose. Wood fencing will need regular painting, and boards will need to be replaced if they rot out or are chewed. Electric fencing will need regular attention to keep the fencing taut, but the maintenance is of a relatively low intensity. If you are in a cold climate, you may find that plastic insulators become brittle and break off with time; this could require additional maintenance. Electric fences will also need to be checked regularly to ensure that they are properly carrying electric charges. Buckley Steel Board Fence eliminates these issues and brings maintenance down to a trivial task while presenting an impressive, attractive appearance.

The installation of replacement fencing panels will also affect how difficult the maintenance of a type of fencing will be. Panels designed to easily install into existing fencing will save you time and effort. If you are debating between two different fencing types, be sure to consider how easily repairs can be performed.

When evaluating a type of fencing for potential use on your farm, always factor in the amount of maintenance that it will require. Not only will you be dedicating your time, you will likely need to invest in additional supplies to keep the fencing in top shape.


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