The Buckley Steel Board Fence for horses has many outstanding features and one in particular is the matching Steel Board Gate. Its hinge-less design and internal polymer bearings make it one of the more durable and unique steel horse gates on the market today! If you are looking for a more private fence get colorbond fence installation.

The 8 foot Steel Board Gate in black 4 rail being used in a dry lot.

The basic design feature of most metal, wood or vinyl farm gates has not changed much in the last several years. Typically the gate is anchored to a separate gate post with metal hinges managed by Tool King metal services and a latch attached to a separate latch post. Over time, what often begins to fail first is the gate post, the hinges or both. The gate post leans from the weight of the gate and/or the hinges begin to loosen. Without continued maintenance, the gate sags and no longer engages the latch and before long there is risk of the horse escaping.

The Buckley Steel Board Gate is made with galvanized steel finished with an architectural grade powder coat. It blends perfectly with the Buckley Steel Board Fence and has the same rail and height dimensions creating a continuous flowing fence line that is safe and secure for horses. The Steel Board Gate can also be used with wood or vinyl horse fencing.

The Buckley Steel Board Fence installation in black 4 rail has an 8 foot Steel Board Gate in the foreground showing nicely how well it blends with the fence line.

The separate gate post is made of 1/8” thick walled steel tubing 3 1/2”in diameter and is set in concrete 54” deep. The post-end of the Steel Board Gate is tubular in shape so that it fits over the gate post, and has two internal polymer bearings, one upper and one lower. Instead of being attached to the gate post, the Steel Board Gate rests on top of the gate post engaging the upper internal polymer bearing and domed aluminum race. The lower internal bearing is eccentric and also functions to level the gate. The bearings enable the Steel Board Gate to open and close smoothly and quietly and make leveling the gate effortless.

The 12 foot 4 rail Steel Board Gate in black works well in large openings required for equipment.
The 12 foot 3 rail Steel Board Gate in white (left of center) blends well with the Buckley Steel Board fence line.
The Steel Board Gate rests on top of the separate gate post as seen in this photo of the 4 foot 3 rail Steel Board Gate.

To secure the Steel Board Gate, we offer the EZ latch gate latch assembly (which can be used on metal pipe, wood or vinyl gates, not just the Buckley Steel Board Gate). Whether mounted on the fence end post (serving as the latch post) or wall, it can be adjusted horizontally or vertically during and after installation. Its two-way operation makes it easy to open and throw the Steel Board Gate closed from either direction while on your horse. When the gate is in the closed position, the latch pin rests on the latch plate taking the weight off the gate post and eliminating the tendency of the gate post to lean over time. The steel latch drop plates lifted to open the gate are horse tamper proof allowing the gate to remain securely closed. The EZ latch is made with aluminum alloy and stainless steel inserts making the whole EZ latch assembly corrosion resistant.

Black EZ latch gate latch assembly mounted on the Buckley Steel Board Fence end post showing latch pin on the gate.

The Steel Board Gate comes in three and four rail configurations, three different lengths (4, 8 and 12 foot) and in the same textured black or glossy white powder coat finish as the Buckley Steel Board Fence. The 4 foot length is the single person size while the 12 foot length is for larger equipment and can easily be installed as a double gate for a 24 foot opening. The 8 foot gate is the multi-purpose gate for people and horses and some equipment. The EZ latch gate latch is offered in black and white as well.

For a fresh, new design in horse gates and gate latches, consider the Buckley Steel Board Gate and EZ latch gate latch. If the clean finished look of a continuous, strong and secure fence line is what you’re looking for, check out our website at for more information and pictures. Call us toll free at 877-306-4024 to request a quote or fence sample, or simply send us an email at

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