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Photos during a beautiful midwestern-fall sunset with golden leaves. A brand new Buckley Fence install at White Fence Farm, a restaurant and petting zoo in Chicagoland.

4-rail white Steel Board fence using our wire-mesh clips to attach a black wire mesh.

Owner Laura Hastert (thanks Laura!) bribing a llama.
Laura Feeding Llama
A very suspicious llama.
Peaking Llama
Cutaways in the mesh were created to let visitors easily feed the animals.
Girl Feeding Goat
Even very acute corners are possible with our Steel Board.
Acute Corner at Golden Hour
Golden sun shimmering on the fence line with the beautiful golden leaves in the background.
Sunsets on Fence Line
Day turning into a lovely fall night.
Twilight Fence Corner
Long Shadows Along Fence Line
Sunsets on Fence and Llama
EZ Latch housing mounted directly onto their barn.
Gate Latched to Barn
One of our wire-mesh clips grasping the mesh fence, securely holding it in place.
Wire Mesh Clip Holding Black Wire Mesh
Sunsets on Red Barn and White FenceSun Glistens on Fence Line Corner
Inside corner of the fence.
Inside Corner of Wire Mesh of Steel Board Fence
To secure the gate shut, a lock is used through the EZ Latch housing.
EZ Latch Locked

Thanks for reading, and if you’re in the Chicagoland area, be sure to check out White Fence Farm for their chicken and petting zoo!