Horses: A Family Affair

Young child learning to ride a horse

Did you grow up in a horsey family? Maybe you went to the races with a grandparent, or maybe one of your parents taught you to ride. Even if your family doesn’t share your horse-loving gene, horses and horse sports … Read more

Trail Riding Safely During Hunting Season

Young woman riding a horse through woodland

The fall foliage is beginning to emerge, and trail riding is more beautiful and enjoyable than ever this time of year. But with the fall also comes hunting season, which can bring serious safety issues to your trail rides. While … Read more

The Benefits of Single Gates Versus Double Gates

White Double Gate non-Buckley latch

Are you struggling with the decision of whether to install single gates or double gates on your equine property? Double gates, which open out from the center into either direction, provide more space than single gates, but they can also … Read more

Riding on a Schedule


As school starts up and we move into fall, it seems like our schedules get tighter and tighter. Tight schedules mean that you might be cutting your rides short. Here are some great ways to make your ride on a … Read more

Tips for Adding Fencing to Your Already Functioning Farm

02B71993 Tips for Adding Fencing to Your Already Functioning Farm

Adding horse fencing to a farm or facility that’s already up and running presents a unique set of challenges. You don’t want to lose the functionality of your facility, and you’ll want to keep your horses safe while the new … Read more

Fascinating Facts About the Waler Horse


How much do you know about the Waler? This fascinating breed of horse played a monumental role in Australia’s history. Here are five fascinating facts you might not know about the Waler. The Waler’s Journey Began By Ship The horses … Read more

Keep Your Horse Healthy Through Riding

Human leg on horse

Horseback riding provides excellent exercise to both you and your horse. Many horses benefit from regular riding, but it’s important to keep your horse’s physical well being in mind each time you mount up. These tips can help you keep … Read more

Fencing Your Property for Functionality


Caring for horses takes a lot of hard work and time, but the way that your fence your property can actually reduce your workload and save you time. If you’re planning the layout of your horse property, or if you’ll … Read more

Keeping your Horse Stress Free at Shows

4971229506_1b3e93d823_z Keeping your Horse Stress Free at Shows

Does your horse get nervous and stressed at shows? A stressed horse will likely put in a subpar performance, and stress can result in a distracted and nervous horse. You can help to keep your horse calm at horse shows … Read more

Temporary Fencing for Overnight Trail Rides

8406245345_ecc2b0fca0_z Temporary Fencing for Overnight Trail Rides

Taking your horse camping or for an overnight trail ride can be a great experience, but securing him overnight is a challenge that you will need to plan for ahead of time. There are a few different ways to secure … Read more