Happy Easter from Buckley Fence


All of us at Buckley Fence wish you and your family a very Happy Easter! Comic by Vincent Buckley, featuring our 4-rail white Steel Board Horse Fence. Original Source: http://www.buckleyfence.com/blog-posts/happy-easter-from-buckley-fence/  

The London Harness Horse Parade Features Horses in Their Easter Best

London Cart Horse

Have you ever been lucky enough to see the London Harness Horse Parade? Rich in history and tradition, the parade showcases horses and drivers in their best Easter turnouts. The London Harness Horse Parade takes place annually each Easter Monday. … Read more

Will You Be Attending the 140th Kentucky Derby?

Kentucky Derby

With the Kentucky Derby right around the corner, many racing enthusiasts are planning their Derby parties, and some may even be planning a trip to Kentucky. If you’ve never been to the Kentucky Derby, you should make it a point … Read more

Please Sit on the Fence!

final Sunset Large Right - RT IMG_2363-16 (800x534)

Please, sit on the fence. Yes, you heard us right. Go ahead, sit on it! How many times have you been told to not sit on a fence? Traditionally, sitting on fences has been discouraged because horse fencing will usually … Read more

The American Quarter Horse

American Quarter Horse

Among the many breeds of horses today, few are as versatile and popular as the American Quarter Horse. Excelling in racing, rodeo competitions, and even in the English show ring, the Quarter Horse demonstrates its true versatility and athleticism in … Read more

The Air Vest: A New Safety Option


Every day riders face the potential of being injured in a fall. Event riders are particularly susceptible to serious injury, given the fact that they jump solid obstacles at high speeds. The invention of the air vest has the potential … Read more

The Importance of Good Nutrition

Horse Eating

Have you evaluated your horse’s nutrition program lately? How about your own nutrition? Because March is National Nutrition Month, we wanted to give you a gentle reminder about the importance of good nutrition for both yourself and your horse. Here’s … Read more

Women in Horse History


Countless women have played important roles in the development of horse history. Since March is Women’s History Month, we’d like to spotlight three women who have made great contributions to the equine world. Julie Krone In the horse racing world … Read more

Healthy As A Horse


As horse owners our horses’ health is always a top priority, but this month it’s extra important – February is American Heart Month. While American Heart Month is intended to remind people about the importance of good health for your … Read more

Olympic Fever


The Winter Olympics are underway, which reminds us that the 2016 Summer Olympics are quickly approaching, and there is talk about who will be named to each of the national Olympic equestrian teams this year. Have you ever wondered about … Read more